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My sessions with Caron allowed me to start to understand how events in my life had affected me in ways I had no idea they had.  By breaking it all down and having Caron to talk to, I was able to start to feel more in control of my life by understanding why I felt the way I did.  Her kind, calm and wise questioning has allowed me to nurture the positive voice in my head, enabling me to answer my own questions and smooth the path moving forward. 

Caron offers a warm, professional service.  I’d highly recommend her to anyone that needs an ear or a helping hand.


I felt very unsure how seeing Caron for counselling would help, I was concerned I wouldn’t know what to say or how to put my feelings into words.  I needn’t have worried.  I felt at ease with Caron straight away and she had the skills to ask the right questions to help me explore my feelings and anxieties.  I would strongly recommend her and I am so glad I had the time I did with Caron.  I now feel far more positive and able to open up a bit more about how I feel.  Thank you Caron



I visited Caron due to suffering a number of recent miscarriages.  I had never had counselling before so wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the very start Caron put me at ease.  She took time to listen and made a comfortable environment in which I felt happy to speak.  It has been invaluable to be able to talk so openly about a usually taboo subject.  Prior to seeing Caron I had times when I felt very angry.  We discussed this and I now can see how this happens and what to do when I feel this way.  I now feel in a much better place.  I don’t feel as ‘on my own’ as I once did and can understand why you feel a certain way.  I have made positive steps to see things in a better way and plan to continue to do so.



Having your teenager point out that 'maybe you could do with talking to someone mum' wasn't something I was expecting but she was absolutely right. Caron's Facebook page popping up within a couple of days seemed like fate. I decided to go with an open mind, I thought I knew my 'issues' and in some ways I did. Saying things out loud to another breathing human being however, is another matter. Caron always made me feel that our sessions were such a safe place, her professional, engaging manner meant that I could say anything that was in my head without fear of being judged and this enabled me to say what I meant, not what I thought was acceptable to be voiced. Over numerous sessions we explored the issues that I knew that I had but also helped identify personal traits and limitations I was putting on myself which, if I'm honest, was a bit of an eye opener. Having helped me learn more about myself, Caron has supported me in gaining and developing various coping techniques to deal with situations as they arise. It has worked and it has made a huge difference already. Thanks!


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